10 Tools Every New Homeowner Must Have

Home ownership is definitely an intimidating adventure.  Just agreeing to pay for your house every month for next 30 years is understandably frightening.  In addition to buying the house, you must also plan to do some repairs and maintenance from time to time.  Even the newest and best houses need some work and improvements, and having some tools to get things done is a must for any homeowner.  The following is a list of “Must Have” tools to help when working around your castle:

  1. Cordless Drill – Battery technology has come a long ways in the last few years.  The uses for a cordless drill/driver are virtually endless.  It’s rare for me to do much of anything around my own house without grabbing my drill at some point.
  2. Tape Measure – There’s a famous saying in the construction industry that says, “measure twice, cut once.”  Anyone who has done much construction work will quickly agree with this concept.
  3. Level – Similar to a tape measure, you would be hard pressed to complete a project and be happy with the results without getting it level
  4. Screwdrivers – A screwdriver is probably the most basic tool every homeowner should have.  There are a few different types but not so many that you can’t have everyone.  Phillips, flat blade, square head and star type should round out your collection to get most projects completed.
  5. Electrical Testers – A voltage sniffer and a basic “wiggie” contact tester go a long ways in keeping you from getting “zapped” when working on outlets and other fixtures in your new house.
  6. Stud Finder – Being able to quickly and accurately locate the wall studs around your house will save you a lot of frustration.  Hanging pictures, installing television mounts and many other projects are made considerably easier even with an inexpensive stud finder.
  7. Hammers – Another of my favorite sayings, “anything will fit with a big enough hammer.”  While this isn’t always the best advice, a good assortment of hammers and rubber mallets is a must to getting things done around the house.
  8. Straight Edge, Chalk Line and Squares – Similar to having a level, being able to mark out square/level lines is a must.  Cutting sheets of plywood or other stock accurately is a must for many projects and these inexpensive tools will get you started in the right direction.
  9. A Shop Vacuum – Working around a house can make a considerable mess of dust and construction debris.  Standard household vacuums are not made to pick-up construction debris and if you try you will likely ruin your vacuum.
  10. An Internet Connection – I’m not that old but when I bought my first house the internet wasn’t even invented.  The education available these days with just a few mouse clicks is truly amazing.  I promise that any problem you are having in your house has already been conquered by some other poor soul and you will find step by step instructions get you out of just about any jam.


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